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Real Estate Transactions


This listing of home and condominium sales is compiled from the Norfolk and Plymouth county registries of deeds by Warren Information Services of Boston. In each transaction, the address is followed by the seller's name, buyer's name and purchase price, date of transaction and, when known, the type of property. A unit number after the address designates a condominium. Abington


29 Jamieson St., Brian Thistle and Kristen Montanari to Michael Centrella and Bobbi-Jo Santos, $240,000, July 19, single family.

20 Hamilton St., William F. and Laurel A. Lemon to Lisa M. Blakely, $295,000, July 19, single family.

38 Centre Ave., Centre Ave. Limited Liability Co. to Immacula Salomon, $441,333, July 19.

108 Adams St., Steven A. and Denise G. Johnson to Gregory A. Brodeur, $335,000, July 20.

647 Adams St., Giordano Builders Limited Liability Co. and Lorena S. Giordano to Marie J. Lessard, $374,900, July 21.

55 S. Bedford St., Dana A. and Vivian S. Nash to Felicia Z. Wolcott, $350,000, July 22.


353 Commercial St., Derek and Nicole Bennett to Charles W. and Jennifer M. Clark, $315,000, July 15, single family.

43 Claremont St., Thurston Hartford to Edward J. and Eileen White, $315,000, July 15, single family.

100 Messina Woods Drive, LF Property Limited Liability Co. to John S. Roberts, $775,000, July 15.

17 Royal Lake Drive, unit K3, Joan and Paul Ochs to Michelle Lauria, $305,000, July 16, condo.

39 Grace Road, Julia A. and Richard J. Hatch to David and Patricia A. Dicarlo, $510,000, July 16, single family.

250 Allerton Commons Lane, unit 250, Jeffrey A. Matthews to John P. Campbell, $335,000, July 16, condo.

16 Strathmore Circle, Mary C. Higgins and Ralph L. Leblanc to Michael J. and Monica L. Higgins, $320,000, July 16, single family.

21 May Ave., Christopher R. and Elizabeth Neil to Sarah and Steven Sciascia, $370,000, July 16, single family.

45 Court Road, 45 Court Road Nominative Trust and Lorraine M. Gozzo to Cynthia J. and Michael C. Derrane, $415,000, July 16, single family.

501 Commerce Drive, unit 1-201, Commerce Park Houses Limited Liability Co. to Tara C. Conley, $178,000, July 16, condo.

501 Commerce Drive, unit 1-307, Commerce Park Houses Limited Liability Co. to Robert Irvine, $246,000, July 16, condo.

501 Commerce Drive, unit 1-314, Commerce Park Houses Limited Liability Co. to Virginia W. Tam, $256,000, July 16, condo.

4 Strathmore Road, Amanda J. and Robert C. Elliott to Catherine L. Norman and Patrick Callahan, $370,000, July 20, single family.

50 Weston Ave., Joseph G. Lydon to John M. and Maureen O'Brien, $458,000, July 20, single family.

501 Commerce Drive, unit 1-208, Commerce Park Houses Limited Liability Co. to Mary E. Manning, $232,900, July 20, condo.

501 Commerce Drive, unit 1-305, Commerce Park Houses Limited Liability Co. to Sara E. Welgoss, $261,000, July 20, condo.

501 Commerce Drive, unit 1-112, Commerce Park Houses Limited Liability Co. to Daniel J. Dias and Laura Andersen, $244,000, July 20, condo.

74 Walnut St., Benjamin P. Smith and Zena Lum to Carol R. Asha and Peter K. Duane, $389,000, July 21, single family.

536 Middle St., 536-540 Middle St. Trust and H. Louise Mariani to Brodeur Construction Corp., $575,000, July 21, single family.

1220 Matthew Woods Drive, unit 1220, Liberty Woods Limited Liability Co. to Annabelle H. and Jayne Barry, $510,000, July 21, condo.

501 Commerce Drive, unit 1-211, Commerce Park Houses Limited Liability Co. to Ryan P. McHugh, $178,000, July 21, condo.


23 Cedarcrest Road, Jeffrey C. and Karen S. Harsfield to George W. Smith and Jessica L. Bernier, $537,000, July 15, single family.

33 Oakdale Road, James J. Morehouse to Michael J. Lank, $340,000, July 15, single family.

40 Kensington Drive, Dennis M. O'Leary and Kathleen R. Cibotti to Lynn M. and Stephen M. Gardner, $1,201,000, July 15, single family.

121 Revere St., unit E, Sharda and Surendra M. Gupta to David W. and Rose J. Bigler, $326,200, July 15, condo.

22-f Maple St., unit 22f, Grover Estates Limited Liability Co. to J&C Marini Limited Liability Co., $314,900, July 15, condo.

37 Trayer Road, Denise H. and Jay H. Gelb to Elizabeth T. and Timothy E. Boucher, $611,000, July 16, single family.

86 High St., William J. O'Brien to Brian C. and Linda S. Hayes, $515,000, July 16, single family.

1 Meyer Terrace, unit 1, Patty W. Murphy and Patty Wong to Ilya A. and Vera Livshin, $359,000, July 16, condo.

10 Forge Pond, unit F, Ashley C. McCumber and Craig S. Davini to Francesca A. Busalacchi, $288,000, July 16, condo.

22-a Maple St., unit 22a, Grover Estates Limited Liability Co. to William J. O'Brien, $309,900, July 16, condo.

40 Birchcroft Road, Paul S. and Susan M. Burns to Nicholas Carbone, $350,000, July 19, single family.

106 Leonard St., James L. and Suzanne E. Walsh to Allison M. and Mark Noonan, $415,000, July 19.

375 Wayside Lane, Indian Head Realty Trust and Jodi B. Matt to Village Gate Realty Trust and Denise K. Moynihan, $1,500,000, July 19.

9 Pleasant Garden Road, Karen Brock and Mark R. Kampf to Jeffrey D. Wright and Karen L. Wisniewski, $429,475, July 21, single family.

56 Evergreen Circle, unit 56, Jacqueline Vandermolen to Patricia M. Cerasuolo, $355,000, July 21, condo.


69 S. Main St., Steven M. and Ann M. Carreira to Melissa M. Russell and William S. Morgan, $355,500, July 19, single family.

125 Center St., Adrian S. Petrie to Cynthia L. Petrie, $50,000, July 20, single family.

6 Bates Pond Road, Cindy B. Estrella to Steven J. and Stephen J. Goodman, $309,000, July 20, single family.

61 Cedar Drive, Jean M. and Bruce A. Crockett to Walter M. and Laurie S. Devine, $230,000, July 21, single family.


10 Sanctuary Pond Road, Heather N. and Peter J. McAvoy to Alexa R. Raymond and David M. Gesmondi, $899,000, July 15, single family.


1379 Tremont St., Francis X. and Arline A. Crane to Jeremiah L. and Susan J. Murphy, $575,000, July 19, single family.

15 Windward Way, Joseph C. and Suzanne M. Brady to John S....

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